The EZ DOH manual bread dough mixer is a simpler, less expensive, and more enjoyable way to make delicious homemade bread. Just put the ingredients into EZ DOH's bucket, secure the hand crank, and in less than 5 minutes you'll have perfectly-mixed dough.

  • Easy clean-up with soap and water.
  • Includes two coupons for Red Star Platinum yeast and a recipe book insert with lots of delicious ways to vary our Basic Recipe.
  • 100% American-made and BPA-free.
  • Lifetime warranty on all parts.

Easy for All Ages


EZ DOH is easy to use - all mixing, kneading and rising is done in the EZ DOH bucket. Because it uses no electricity and has no sharp blades, EZ DOH can be used by anybody, regardless of age or ability.

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Easiest way to knead perfect dough - no electricity needed!

Kathleen on 21st Jul 2012

I was telling a friend of mine about my problems with kneading bread dough and she told me that she used a manual dough kneader that was her grandmother's and recommended that I try to find in an antique shop. Well, when I started my search I came upon the Ez Doh kneader and decided to give it a try since the price was right & it did the same thing as my friend's antique. It arrived quickly and I gave it a try the next day using the enclosed bread mix "Basically Everything Bread". This was amazingly easy to use and the loaf of bread came out beautiful and tasted wonderful. I can and will highly recommend the Ez Doh kneader to all of my bread making friends. Also, I hope that they start selling the bread mix soon online, because it was just perfect!

I can finally make bread!

Mary Jo on 23rd Mar 2012

If it had the word "yeast" in it, I wouldn't make it; but that's all changed! I just dump everything in the bucket and stir away. Within a short period of time I have great, homemade-baked bread! This makes baking bread so simple, even I can enjoy it. I love my Ez Doh.

Easy to make, taste's great!

Gina on 23rd Mar 2012

I have never had much luck with baking, but with the Ez Doh even I can make some delicious bread! Incredibly simple and convenient. Such a great product.

Too easy!

Carl on 22nd Nov 2011

I've been using bread machines for years, but can't get over how simple this is! I really respect that all of the parts are made in the USA, too.

Yummy Bread!

Kathryn on 2nd Nov 2011

The Ez Doh really was easy to use and the bread was so yummy! A fun way to make a successful loaf of bread.

Great product

Leah on 28th Oct 2011

Love this product and some of my loved ones will be getting one for Christmas. Makes bread making easy and fun!!

Great for everyone

Kate on 26th Oct 2011

Kids had a blast helping – it was something we could do together. It was easy and fun and the finished product was really, really tasty

Loved it!

Kathy on 26th Oct 2011

I loved the EZDoh and could see buying this for Christmas gifts. It was so easy to use and clean and the instructions were very clear.