The EZ DOH manual bread dough mixer is a simpler, less expensive, and more enjoyable way to make delicious homemade bread. Just put the ingredients into EZ DOH's bucket, secure the hand crank, and in less than 5 minutes you'll have perfectly-mixed dough.

  • Easy clean-up with soap and water.
  • Includes two coupons for Red Star Platinum yeast and a recipe book insert with lots of delicious ways to vary our Basic Recipe.
  • 100% American-made and BPA-free.
  • Lifetime warranty on all parts.

Easy for All Ages


EZ DOH is easy to use - all mixing, kneading and rising is done in the EZ DOH bucket. Because it uses no electricity and has no sharp blades, EZ DOH can be used by anybody, regardless of age or ability.

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Use it ALL the time!

Beth on 27th Apr 2017

Friends rave about how great my homemade bread is - I keep telling them, "It is soooooo easy to do with an EZ DOH!" Love this product! Durable, easy-to-use & clean, too!!

Better than my KitchenAid

Robin on 1st Apr 2017

I make bread frequently with my KitchenAid and dough hook. I bought the EZDoh on a whim, and just made my first loaf. It's awesome! Things I like: Being able to make a smaller batch than in the K/A, and how easy it was to clean the EZDoh. The dough hardly stuck to the bucket or the hook at all! If you're afraid to try making bread, be afraid no more! And if you are already a pro, the EZDoh is surprisingly helpful. (Also, the grandbaby loved being able to help crank it.)

Really love it

milford on 28th Oct 2015

Really love making bread with your bucket. Best purchase ever. Thank you.

Love it!

Mary Ann on 26th Aug 2014

Love it!

Kids love it!

Cristina on 29th Apr 2014

Saw EZ DOH at the Mother Earth News Fair in NC. I bought one and I love it! My kids love it!

good find

Virginia on 1st Mar 2014

It works great, I have a vintage metal mixer, almost same design but it's a lot bigger so I couldn't use it for a small batches (like 1 or 2 loaves). I usually make very hydrated mixes for ciabattas that can't be knead on the table. I'm very happy that I found this one. It's all plastic what I don't love, even the hook (I thought that it was going to be metal) but works very good.

Outstanding Product

Todd Owens on 16th Jan 2014

This is the best thing that I have purchased in a long time. We have done so much baking that my arms are tired of mixing the dough. The EZ Doh makes baking a breeze and no more lugging around the old heavy mixer !!!!!

Easy bread maker

Linda on 15th Jan 2014

excellent to have on hand for power outages or when camping