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About Us

EZ DOH has been a dream project of ours for a long time…… practically as long as Ginny has been making bread! It was birthed when we came across a big, antique “bread bucket” at a garage sale. That old bucket was used to turn out hundreds of dozens of rolls and loaves from our little kitchen. It wasn’t the only method Ginny has used to make bread, but it became one of her favorites. There was just one problem……
It was SO big! Ginny often thought how great a “mini bread bucket” would be, especially for those friends of hers who asked her to teach them to bake bread. It was easy….it wasn’t very messy…..it would make 1-2 loaves….and it certainly couldn’t cost too much! Well…..
Those dreams are finally being realized and we’re blessed that you’re interested - We hope EZDOH and our other products help you to explore and enjoy the tasty world of bread-making!
ALSO: We want you to know …. we’re not keeping all the “dough”! The Bible verse that’s featured on our bucket (John 6:35 – “And Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to me shall never hunger and he who believes in Me shall never thirst.”’) is not just a scripture that conveniently uses the word “bread” – it’s a truth that fuels our lives and  motivates our business.

 “Please Pass the Bread” is a world-wide feeding ministry of the World Challenge organization. Since its inception in 2009, PPtB has established 60 feeding sites in 8 countries, serving meals to more than 6,000 impoverished children. Their name fits their dual mission: bread for the hungry stomach and Bread of Life for the starving soul. EZDOH is partnering with PPtB by donating a portion of every EZDOH sale to this ministry. For more information on this amazing outreach, please go to: pleasepassthebread.org


A little about us:
Ginny, aka "The Loaf Lady"– Ginny’s bread-baking “career” started off very precariously as a newly-wed. After failing time and again with frozen bread dough, she finally found a mentor in her dear friend, Pam, who schooled her in bread-making basics. Since that time, Ginny has honed her skills in her little galley kitchen, winning scores of awards for her baked goods. Though she has no formal training in bread-baking, her  background includes a degree in elementary education , which she used while home-schooling her 3 children. Ginny is passionate about baking, her community, her family and Jesus Christ.
Dave – Dave has enjoyed Ginny’s baked goods for about 32 years (they’ve been married 34 years, but Ginny didn’t learn how to bake bread for a while…..) After finishing school for church ministry in California, Dave & Ginny moved back to Ohio, where Dave worked in finance and sales for about 20 years. His dream came true when he was invited to pastor a local church. For many years, Dave & Ginny labored there together. Dave is now working in sales again and is the driving force behind bringing EZ DOH to “life”! Dave shares Ginny’s passions for the community, his family and Jesus Christ.


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